Member Grade Beginner
Deposit Required RM 30
Weeky Cash Cashback 5%
Membership Upgrade Bonus Welcome Bonus
Birthday Bonus (Total Deposit) 5%
Birthday Bonus Capped RM 188
Monthly Reward Bonus -
Comp Point RM1 = 1 Point
Member Grade Experienced
Deposit Required RM 30,000
Weeky Cash Cashback 5%
Membership Upgrade Bonus RM 188
Birthday Bonus (Total Deposit) 10%
Birthday Bonus Capped RM 288
Monthly Reward Bonus RM 50
Comp Point RM1 = 1.5 Point
Member Grade Skilled
Deposit Required RM 100,000
Weeky Cash Cashback 7%
Membership Upgrade Bonus RM 388
Birthday Bonus (Total Deposit) 15%
Birthday Bonus Capped RM 388
Monthly Reward Bonus RM 100
Comp Point RM1 = 2 Point
Member Grade Specialist
Deposit Required RM 300,000
Weeky Cash Cashback 8%
Membership Upgrade Bonus RM 688
Birthday Bonus (Total Deposit) 20%
Birthday Bonus Capped RM 488
Monthly Reward Bonus RM 200
Comp Point RM1 = 2.5 Point
Member Grade Expert
Deposit Required RM 500,000
Weeky Cash Cashback 8%
Membership Upgrade Bonus RM 888
Birthday Bonus (Total Deposit) 30%
Birthday Bonus Capped RM 888
Monthly Reward Bonus RM 300
Comp Point RM1 = 3 Point
Terms and Conditions

What is the requirement to become a member?
Register an account with 128Casino and deposit; deposit will be calculate based on monthly, 1st until 31st of the month.

Am I allowed to upgrade multiple level and what is the criteria?
Multiple level upgrade is allowed when the total deposit is above 100k and their levels will be reset on 3rd of each month.

What is the criteria to receive the member upgrade bonus and monthly reward bonus?
Membership upgrade bonus will be reward to members during first time upgrade of membership only. Members is not entitled to receive the membership upgrade bonus and monthly reward bonus if downgraded. Membership upgrade bonus and monthly reward bonus will be reward only once a month and no turnover required.

How 128Casino to determine my VIP Level?
The highest level bonus you obtained in the current month is determined by total deposit you've made in the previous month

How 128Casino determine the weekly cash rebate?
Weekly cash rebate is calculate based on total losses amount for previous week, it will credit into member's main wallet on every Monday.

Who entitled for the weekly cash rebate?
Members with VIP level status are entitled to receive weekly cash rebate. The weekly cash rebate will be credit into wallet, and x2 turnover is required.

Important note!
128Casino reserve the right to remove member's account VIP Privilege and to downgrade the VIP level or terminate any account it deems to have any suspicious or abnormal activities at any time withour any prior notice. 128Casino general terms and conditions apply.